Experience oysters like a connoisseur with New York-based Oyster Sommelier Julie Qiu of In A Half Shell. Inspired by private wine tastings, these intimate and illuminating raw tasting and pairing sessions will change the way you appreciate oysters forever.

Julie has curated a special flight of four oyster varieties (you’ll receive two of each kind) and two alcoholic beverage pairings to complement the oysters. During the tasting, you will learn all about the oyster, the story behind each variety, and have a chance to capture your tasting notes in your own 33 Oysters on the Half Shell journal.

Take a look at how the first Oyster Omakase in NYC went down on the blog and on Instagram.

This is a limited time engagement, so book your session today!

The Details

OMAKASE DAYS: Wednesday through Friday, October 21 – 23rd, 2015

SESSION TIMES (~ 45 MIN): 12:30PM, 1:45PM, 7PM, 8:15PM

SEATS AVAILABLE: 6 seats per session, equal to 3 bookings of two per session. Very intimate 😉

LOCATION:  Blue Plate Oysterette at 8048 W 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90048

INCLUDED PER PERSON: 8 oysters (4 varieties) + 2 curated pairings + 33 Oysters notebook

To book multiple sets of seats or multiple sessions, follow the instructions below the calendar.

If you have additional questions or problems with the reservation system, please email Julie directly.

Make a Reservation

Use the form below or book through this link.


BOOKING: One booking reserves two seats together. To book, simply select the time you’d like from the calendar below and press CONTINUE to move forward to registration/payment.

MULTIPLE BOOKINGS: If you want to book multiple groups of seats in one session or multiple sessions, you can do this as well. There’s an added step:

  1. Select the first day and time that you’d like to book, select “BOOK AND ADD ANOTHER” in the drop down menu.
  2. A pop up will appear with additional options. Ignore the top half of drop downs. Simply click on the “ADD ADDITIONAL SEATS” button at the bottom of the pop up. You’ll be directed back to the calendar to select another day/time.
  3. Use the calendar to select additional seats during the same session or a new one. Then press “BOOK AND PAY” The maximum number of bookings per session is 3. If you do not see the same time option again, that means someone else already has booked seats during that session.

PROMO CODE: Apply a promo code by entering it above the calendar.

PAYMENT: The full payment is required in advance online via credit card in order to secure your reservation. Payment options will be prompted to you once you select the time/date that you want.

CHANGES & CANCELLATIONS: All cancellations must be made 48 hours prior to the reservation time in order to receive a full refund. If you need to make a change to your reservation, please refer back to your booking confirmation or email Julie with the day you want to switch your reservation to, pending availability.

THERE ARE NO MORE SPOTS! Thank you so much for your interest in the Oyster Omakase! If a time slot that you want is taken, I’d be happy to add you to the waitlist. Just email Julie with the day and time that you want to be waitlisted for and in case there’s a cancellation, you will be the first to know!

CAN WE BUY MORE OYSTERS? Lucky for you, Blue Plate Oysterette has a great raw bar as part of their restaurant. While I can’t guarantee that the oysters we taste during the Oyster Omakase will be available, they will definitely have a nice selection to pick from.

WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR OYSTERS FROM? I source all of my oysters directly from growers or through their trusted distributors.

CAN WE EAT AT THE RESTAURANT AFTERWARDS? Of course! While Oyster Omakase doesn’t handle restaurant reservations, you can use OpenTable to book a seat.

WHAT KIND OF OYSTERS WILL YOU HAVE? I’d like to keep it as a surprise! Trust me, they’re all amazing.

WILL YOU DO MORE EVENTS LIKE THIS? Possibly! If you would like to have me help you host your own private oyster tasting, feel free to email me with what you’re thinking of! I love to travel 😉