Demystifying Oysters

Love oysters, but don’t know a whole lot about them? Learn how to take your half shell game to the next level through this fun and informative Skillshare class.

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About the Class

Eager to impress your friends with everything you know about the world of oysters? This class will turn you into a guru! You will learn everthing there is to know about the culinary specialty that has become a phenomenon.

In this class, oyster connoisseur and expert Julie Qiu walks you through oyster ins and outs. You’ll learn how to know what you’re eating, where oysters come from, how to taste an oyster (like a connoisseur!), which beverages pair best, how to shuck an oyster cleanly and safely, and how to serve oysters in a beautiful way!

Many people love to eat oysters, but few are well informed and confident about what they’re eating. Many oyster lovers are missing out on simple ways to improve their slurping experience! Oysters are consumed raw and alive (yep, alive!), so sourcing, storage, and food safety are key.

What You’ll Learn

In seven self-paced units, you’ll learn everything there is to know about tasting, preparing, and producing oysters. We’ll cover:

  • Where oysters come from. Some background knowledge about your food.
  • Experiencing oysters. Going out for oysters and tasting them like an expert.
  • Enjoying oysters at home. How to buy fresh oysters, and how to shuck the perfect oyster.
  • Traveling for oysters. Where to go and what to taste.

What You’ll Do

Deliverable: You’ll create an oyster journal to keep track of your tastings, discoveries, and adventures.

Oyster connoisseurship is all about the full appreciation of oysters. Your oyster journal will help you keep track of tastings, recipes, and best practices with all of the information presented in the class. You will be able to carry this journal with you as your adventures continue!

By the end of the class, you’ll have the beginnings of an oyster journal to encourage dinner parties, shopping adventures, and oyster bar visits!


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