What does it mean to know your food? In a world of fraudulent labels, pollutants and unsafe handling practices, it’s more important than ever to trust who provides your seafood.

At Element Seafood, they proudly offer the knowledge, transparency and quality that you deserve. They have over three decades of experience in seafood distribution, and have provided premium oysters and shellfish to restaurants and retailers since 2007. Today, they offer the same products beloved by chefs directly to you, the home cook and diner. Element Seafood is proud to bring a quintessentially New York ingredient to your table, one that tells a great story about our city’s past and future.

I’m a big fan of Element Seafood’s oyster pairing and shucking workshops. If you’re on the path to become an oyster connoissseur, then be sure to check out the New York Oyster Lovers Meetup, which was originally formed by Nellie Wu of Element Seafood!

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