A List of Oyster Shuckers, Caterers and Mobile Raw Bars

I'm a huge fan of shucking my own oysters, but when it's about planning a celebration or business event, nobody's got time for that!

If you're less, "do it yourself," and more about "do it for me," look no further. Here's a quick compilation of shucking services, caterers and mobile raw bars from around the country that can help take your event to the next level.

This list just keeps on growing and growing, so I've decided to turn it into a database that is searchable, segmentable, filterable and sortable. If you have an established shucking service that you'd like add to this list, fill out this form. I used Airtable to build this and have been obsessed with their platform for over a year! It's super easy to use and has made keeping track of lots of information fun and simple.