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Oyster LoveAugust 19, 2017

My Oyster Bucket List

Goal-setting is a practice that I firmly believe. When you write your intentions down, they are definitely more likely to come true. I don’t have hard data to back this up, but it really does work! So with that in mind, here’s my oyster bucket list.

Ever since stumbling across Peter Jon Lindberg’s mesmerizing and envy-inducing world oyster journey for Travel + Leisure, I’ve been inspired to weave my own international oyster saga.

I had the unbelievable opportunity to travel the world for business during my mid-20’s and made sure to take full advantage of it. It’s not only a thrill to experience oysters from all around the world, but pure joy to meet people who are just as obsessed as you are.

Even now with well over two dozen oyster farm visits under my belt, the hunger hasn’t subsided. There’s still SO much left to discover, still many friends yet to meet. In 2010, I started a food-related “to do” list on my pre-oyster food blog. It’s still online if you care to take a peek. I think I will start to keep track of my top oyster to-do’s as well and see how it goes.


My Oyster Bucket List

  1. Visit Australia’s Oyster Coast of NSW and shuck my own oysters
  2. Visit an oyster farm in Tasmania
  3. Attend the Bluff Oyster Festival in New Zealand
  4. Harvest and enjoy Limfjord oysters in Denmark before the Chinese eat them all
  5. Hang out at the Knysna Oyster Festival in South Africa
  6. Visit French oyster country (this might take 1 month) — Normandy, Brittany, Marennes-Oléron
  7. Visit a Croatian oyster farm
  8. Visit oyster farms and friends of the United Kingdom
  9. Hang out with my favorite Canadian oyster friends in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver
  10. Visit the oyster farmers of North Carolina
  11. And oyster farmers in South Carolina
  12. Visit oyster farms in China
  13. Return to Japan and sample oysters from across the country
  14. Finally make my way to the Western Bay of the Chesapeake (I’m stunned I haven’t done this yet)
  15. Four words: Hama Hama Oyster Rama
  16. Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick oyster land visit needs to happen as well
  17. Teach an oyster master class abroad
  18. Take an oyster master class abroad
  19. Dive for oysters with Glidden Point Oyster Farm
  20. Do a podcast about oysters


What else should be on here?


Oyster LoveMay 7, 2014

Meet the Brand New In A Half Shell!

After a whirlwind winter, I am beyond thrilled to announce the relaunch of my website. With a renewed sense of commitment to help fellow oyster lovers improve their half shell experiences, we've set out to showcase the world's best oyster varieties, oyster bars, oyster events, and oyster adventures.


How to Navigate This Site

My oyster blog is now under “Journal.”

Tasting tips & etiquette is now “Half Shell 101.”

Brand new “Oyster Concierge” to showcase my favorite varieties. Many more varieties to come!

Oyster bar & restaurant reviews are now under “City Guides.” More cities are on their way!

Everything else you’d want to know under “Oyster Resources” including:
– Where to buy oysters
– Oyster tours
– Favorite oyster books
– Sustainability

The “About” page is pretty self-explanatory.

Other Exciting Things

Check out my brand new online video class “Oyster Confidence: The Practical Guide to Boost Your Half Shell Game” for Skillshare. It’s a 7 unit course meant to help any oyster lover improve their half shell experiences.

We’re hosting a select number of private oyster tastings & pairing parties around NYC. Give me a shout if you’re interested in booking one or collaborating!

Special Thanks

A million thanks to my friends Reshma and Beth from B/C Designers for meticulously and tirelessly crafting and building this website for me. Hire them!

Many, many thanks to my dear friend Stefi Kuga for designing the amazing new In A Half Shell logo. I love, love, love the evolution!

I could have NEVER in a million years pulled off the Oyster Confidence class without the mad skillz and encouragement from Jen Piazza of Bawdy House Media and her all-star team: Jo and Richard.

A special thanks to Cull & Pistol, The Lobster Place, Mike Farrah & family for letting us take over your space to shoot the videos! (And TC for the hookup!) Also, thanks to Carolyn and the Skillshare team for believing in us!

Lastly, thanks to my amazing soon-to-be husband B for all of the support, patience, and love!


I hope that you enjoy the new In A Half Shell. I can’t wait to bring you more oyster updates in the near future. By near, I mean in a few weeks. Now I’m off to get married.