Bespoke Events & Classes

I believe that the best oyster experiences are life-changing. Imagine walking away with the power to make every oyster outing better. That is what In A Half Shell events are about.

My aim is to deliver memorable and informative oyster appreciation experiences that go above and beyond what you’ll find at a restaurant or catered raw bar. Every event is expertly designed, choreographed, and executed to ensure that you are getting the best quality oysters and insight available. Here are some of the types of private events I offer:

101 Introduction to Oysters Workshop — 60 min

102 Oyster Shucking Clinic — 60 min

103 Oyster Tasting & Pairing Social — 60-90 min

201 Advanced Oyster Masterclass — 120 min

202 Guided Oyster & Wine Tasting — 60 min

203 Guided Oyster & Sake Tasting — 90 min

301 Oyster Service Intensive for FOH — 120 min or 2 x 60 min

302 Oyster Marketing for Businesses — 120 min