Although the R rule doesn’t really apply anymore, there is no denying that oysters taste better when the climate cools down. Around the country, fall brings about a wave of oyster festivals and events. NYC is no different. No matter what kind of oyster lover you are, September has a special event for you!

#1 For the Oyster Wanderluster: Greenport Oyster Farm Tour & U-Shuck on 9/6 (website)

I recently went on my own (very similar) Greenport oyster adventure and highly recommend this perfectly packaged day trip with the New York Oyster Lovers. You’ll get to shuck your own oysters at the Little Island Oyster Farm Shuck Shop, get the lay of the land from Captain Dave aboard his solar-powered boat, The Glory, and learn all about oyster farming from the Osinski’s at Widow’s Hole.

Cost: $101 which includes everything!

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#2 For the “Shellebrity” Stalker: BK Oyster Riot on 9/11 (website)

Get your oyster game on at the first very BK Oyster Riot! Meet oyster growers and influencers alike at the kick off to New York Oyster Week. Presented by W&T Seafood & CharlesSallyCharles Caterers, this event is an unprecedented opportunity for guests to meet, mingle with, and learn from oyster farmers, foragers and award-winning shucking champions while eating a ton of oysters. All shells from the event will be recycled and donated to the Billion Oyster Project and New York Harbor School.

Cost: $95 early bird tickets until 9/6, then $150 after… so hurry!



#3 For the Bivalve Foodie: Oyster Bash NYC on 9/18 (website)

If you’re looking for an exceptional evening of culinary revelry, definitely consider this event. Oyster Bash NYC, presented by Chef’s Table NYC, promises to be a foodie’s delight–with creatively cooked and raw oysters, cleverly paired with specialty cocktails, beers, and wines. I’ll be there giving talks about the oysters. At the end of the evening, leave with a swag bag of goodies.

Cost: $175 for normal folks, but use the promo code “HALF_SHELL_30” to get $30 off!

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 5.36.37 PM

#4 For the Discerning Slurper: Kaki & Sake Oyster Tasting on 9/25 (website / Facebook Event)

Time for some shameless promotion of my very own New York Oyster Week event! Kaki & Sake is a special West Coast oyster and sake pairing event where guests will get to try three different Pacific oyster varieties with six premium sakes. My dear friend Monica Samuels, sake importer & expert for Vine Connections, and I will be demystifying this exotic pairing. We’re going to cap the event to 50 lucky guests, so buy yours today!

Cost: $36 which makes this the most wallet-friendly event of them all 😉


#5 For the Shuckaholic: Grand Central Oyster Frenzy on 9/27 (website)

The 12th Annual Grand Central Oyster Oyster Frenzy, presented by Blue Island Oyster Company, is an awesome afternoon of all sorts of oyster shenanigans. From pro shucking competitions to chef demonstrations to a enticing “Slurp Off” contest… I can assure you that by the end of the day, you’ll have some great stories to tell, Tweet, and Instagram.

Cost: FREE admission… but oysters & drinks are extra.


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