Exactly one year and one day ago, I posted my first official @inahalfshellblog Instagram. Since then, I’ve accumulated a pretty unique collection of oyster photos and an equally awesome set of IG fans. To celebrate the start of prime oyster season (yay September!), I wanted to revisit some of my favorite shellfies over the last year.

Umm, what is a Shellfie?

I think a shellfie can be defined as two kinds of photos. The first is any respectable-looking oyster-slurping selfie. So basically, a photo of you slurping an oyster, where you’re taking the photo of yourself (rather than someone else taking it of you… which isn’t nearly as impressive). The second definition, which I’m demonstrating below, is any shot of an oyster close-up held in the hand. Some rules that I’ve set for myself:

1) I personally have to be holding the oyster. No hand doubles here. Sadly, this knocks a great shot out of consideration.
2) The photo has to tell a story. Preferably with an interesting background, like at the oyster farm or in space.
3) Taken with a cameraphone (in my case, iPhone 5S) and ideally posted real-time…no Throwback Shellfies unless if it’s Thursday. Also knocks a few other shots out of consideration.

16 of my favorite Shellfies of 2013-2014


#1 A freshly shucked WiAnno oyster right out of Barnstable, MA. The water was so clear that you could see right to the sandy bottom.


#2 During a fascinating blind taste test of Ireland’s top oyster-growing regions just before Galway Oyster & Seafood Festival.


#3 Examining the rare Point Reyes Virginica at Waterbar in SF.


#4 Enjoying a plump Kusshi oyster with some creme fraiche and caviar at Oyster Nosh.


#5 Shucking Hog Island Sweetwaters by the pool during Napafest.


#6 Showing off an exceptional specimen of Coromandel during an in-office oyster tasting.


#7 Enjoying Maine oysters at Eventide Oyster Co. in Portland, ME.


#8 Trying my first Kumiai oyster from Baja, Mexico at the Seafood Expo in Boston.


#9 One of the many amazing oysters that I had during my Asia Oyster Tour.


#10 A beautiful Maine belon from Shuckeasy during Oyster Week.


#11 Blown away by this ultra plump Moyasta oyster from Ireland.


#12 Slurping a premium Kelly Galway native against the sunset over Galway Bay = pure happiness.


#13 Holding a remarkable heart-shaped oyster shell, gifted to me by Broadwater Oyster Co.


#14 Shucking a Hog Island Kumamoto at the farm in Tomales Bay brought my oyster adventure full circle.


#15 Trying a Sentan oyster at the Kanawa Suisan Co. oyster farm off the coast of Hiroshima, Japan.


#16 Pretty pleased with my shucking job on this monstrous Pleasure House Oyster.

Show Me Your Shellfie!

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