Julie Qiu is an international oyster expert and founder of In A Half Shell, an oyster appreciation website and community. Based in Brooklyn, New York (but will travel anywhere for oyster adventures), Julie shares her knowledge and love of half shell culture through masterclasses, bespoke events, original digital content, and products designed for like-minded oyster enthusiasts. She leads the New York Oyster Lovers Meetup community and hosts Oyster Omakase Tasting Club pop-up events. As a self-described Oyster Sommelier, Julie has been covered by Vogue, Food & Wine, The Chicago Tribune, USA Today, NPR, Huffington Post, Tech Insider, and Somebody Feed Phil on Netflix.

In the process of discovering her passion for oysters and sustainable seafood, Julie cultivated over 10 years of branding and marketing experience at leading creative agencies in New York City, working on some of the world’s most iconic brands, including Jaguar, Starwood Hotels, State Farm, Anheuser-Busch, and ExxonMobil. In 2015, Julie’s interest in the future of seafood led her to the Sustainable Seafood Blog Conference in New Orleans, where she met Australis Aquaculture’s CEO, Josh Goldman. This encounter ultimately led her to help amplify Australis’ mission for Climate-Smart Ocean Farming as their full-time Marketing Director.

Julie also serves as a Professional Advisor to the Urban Assembly New York Harbor School, a Seafood Nutrition Partnership Ambassador, and on the Billion Oyster Project Event Committee.

My Story

I grew up in the midwest, but am really a coastal city gal by heart. I enjoy most seafood, but there’s something different about oysters. They embody a sense of place. Many are painstakingly hand-crafted. And an exceptional few are, dare I reveal, alive when you eat them. They are both humble and provocative. They’re sustainable. They’re nutritious. What is not to love?

While working in advertising in my early 20’s, I started a blog that explored everything food-related. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I had a thing for oysters, and thought, “Would it be possible to focus exclusively to oysters?” A creative colleague suggested the name In A Half Shell, and amazingly, the URL wasn’t taken.

Since that fateful day in 2009, my bivalve curiosity has taken me around the globe and on all sorts of oyster escapades—inside hatcheries, out on the tidal flats, and at the chef’s table. In A Half Shell began as a personal quest of becoming an oyster connoisseur that gradually turned into a calling. My goal today is to help fellow oyster lovers cultivate a better half shell experience, for themselves and others, wherever they go.

My Oyster Bucket List

  1. Visit Australia’s Oyster Coast of NSW and shuck my own oysters

  2. Visit an oyster farm in Tasmania

  3. Attend the Bluff Oyster Festival in New Zealand

  4. Harvest and enjoy Limfjord oysters in Denmark before the Chinese eat them all

  5. Hang out at the Knysna Oyster Festival in South Africa

  6. Visit French oyster country (this might take 1 month) — Normandy, Brittany, Marennes-Oléron

  7. Explore a Croatian oyster farm

  8. Visit oyster farms and friends of the United Kingdom

  9. Hang out with my favorite Canadian oyster friends in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver

  10. Visit the oyster farmers of North Carolina

  11. And South Carolina

  12. Visit oyster farms in China

  13. Return to Japan and sample oysters from across the country

  14. Finally make my way to the Western Bay of the Chesapeake

  15. Four words: Hama Hama Oyster Rama

  16. Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick oyster land visit needs to happen as well

  17. Teach an oyster master class abroad

  18. Take an oyster master class abroad

  19. Dive for oysters with Glidden Point Oyster Farm

  20. Do a podcast about oysters

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