A lot of people ask me, “How do you become an Oyster Sommelier?” So, can I tell you a secret? I made it up. I don’t mean to make light of the sommelier profession. It was just the simplest way to describe what I do without having to make up new terminology. After awhile, it had me wondering… just how DO you get to where I am right now?

If you are interested in oysters and want to further your know-how or even develop a career (or side hustle) in oyster service and ambassadorship, you’re in luck! I am in the process of building a network and pathway that will enable any oyster lover to learn, network, and gain valuable experience in oyster appreciation and service.

Or if you’ve already started an oyster catering business, a raw bar, or oyster-laden restaurant, and want to build your expertise and be recognized for your oyster nerdiness, this is also the group for you.