10 Wonderful Oyster Instagrammers You Should Be Following

I love Instagram. Dare I say even more so than blogging? Every time I scroll through my oyster-centric feed on @inahalfshellblog, I always discover something beautiful, surprising, funny, and inspiring. Oyster Instagrammers are a total thing now.

But maintaining a high-quality Instagram feed is hard work! It takes a lot of time and energy to come up with consistently stellar content and a dependable vibe. Here are 10 amazing oyster-centric accounts that I adore, admire and suggest you follow if you want to live, eat, sleep, and dream about oysters all day every day.

#1 Hama Hama Oysters

A lot of farms are on IG now, but few do it quite as well as Hama Hama. It's like Food Network meets Travel Channel for oysters! Breathtaking farm scenery, ridiculous sunsets (I'm a total sucker for sunsets), and flawless shucks. Follow @hamahamaoysters

#2 Forty North Oyster Farms

My two favorite kinds of FNOF posts are whenever @oysterdog makes a cameo and when the guys discover random sea critters in their fields. They're making a name for NJ oysters! Follow @fortynorthoysters

#3 Pangea Shellfish

Oysterologists/wholesalers/growers, they know how to ace the presentation. Nobody else showcases so many oysters varieties as flawlessly as they do. My theory is that there's a reason why Pangea's logo kind of resembles a brain... Follow @pangeashellfish

#4 Pleasure House Oysters

Chris Ludford is the master of the thoughtful long-form Instagram caption. I learn something about Virginia history and waterfront culture every time I catch one of his posts. Follow @pleasurehouseoysters

#5 Hog Island Oyster Co.

Confession: I actually have to scroll past Hog Island's posts really fast sometimes or else they end up making me TOO HUNGRY (or should I say hangry)? It's the most foodielicious of the oyster farm IG's. Follow @hogislandoysterco

#6 Fanny Bay Oyster Bar & Shellfish Market

Ok, well actually, Fanny Bay's feed might give HIO a run for their money. They share and curate gorgeous oyster platters and other seafood. On a related note, can we talk about why these amazing places are across the country from me?? Follow @fannybayoystersο»Ώ

#7 Oyster Obsession

An endless oyster shellebration feedβ€”all forms are welcome here! What's also impressive is OO's drool-worthy collection of oyster recipes on their website. Follow @oysterobsession

#8 Signature Oysters

There are plenty of oyster lovers outside of North America too, but only a few IG'ers really have stood out for me. Signature Oysters consistently pushes the envelope and keeps me guessing. Follow @signatureoysters

#9 Shuckinhell

Not frequently updated, but when this mystery account does, it's ah-may-zing. THANK YOU for putting the awful, terrible shucks on blast. It's a dirty job and I'm glad they're doing it. The captions are everything. Follow @shuckinhell

#10 The Art of Oysters

Lastly, I want to put up my new side project up for consideration. The Art of Oysters is to showcase shuckers and chefs who actually take the time to do it right, or do it differently. Follow @theartofoysters

Which oyster IG accounts am I missing??