Happy National Oyster Day!

To celebrate National Oyster Day, I had some delicious Blue Point oysters poached in savory lobster broth, wrapped in braised leeks, and topped with American Sturgeon caviar at The Mermaid Inn UWS.


This was one of their special appetizers for National Oyster Day, only available on the UWS. I loved the crunchiness of the leek against the soft, squishy oyster. When cooked, the oyster's salty taste evolves into a rich, earthy deliciousness. The lobster broth and caviar were like the chocolate syrup and sprinkles on top of the sundae. This totally made my otherwise dreary and muggy day one worth remembering.

It is strange to me that National Oyster Day occurs in August, a month that doesn't scream great oysters. But strangely, most people associate summer with raw shellfish—a delicacy that screams for ice and cool climates. In France, the most popular time to eat oysters is Christmastime, when the meats are super plump and sweet. Knowing how to open an oyster is as fundamental as knowing how to open a bottle of wine. Why can't we, as Americans, be more in tuned with the seasonalities of our foods?