If you’re into oysters, do yourself a favor and visit a farm…or two…or ten. You’ll start to appreciate your favorite bivalve on a whole new level. Plan your own or join NY Oyster Lovers!

Saturday, August 3, 2019 @ 4:00PM -8:00PM
Blue Island Shellfish Farm & Kayak Tour
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While most oyster farms are exclusively working farms, meaning they aren’t set up to accommodate public tours, a few of them do! Here’s a list of oyster farms that offer tours.

Nonesuch Oyster Farm — Scarborough, Maine (read my post)

Glidden Point Oyster Farm — Edgecomb, Maine (read my post)

Island Creek Oyster Farm — Duxbury, Massachusetts

Chatham Oyster Farm — Chatham, Massachusetts (read my post)

Cottage City Oyster Farm — Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

Matunuck Oyster Farm — Matunuck, Rhode Island (read my post)

Hummock Island Oyster Farm — Westport, Connecticut

Blue Island Oyster Farm — Long Island, New York (read my post)

Pleasure House Oyster Farm - Lynnhaven, Virginia (read my post)

Hog Island Oyster Farm — Marshall, California (read my post)